Investment Property For Sale by Owner Residential & Business Zoned Centrally Located. Copake, NY Investment Property for Sale by Owner
Copake is a lovely rural community located in Columbia County at the northeast corner of New York State and touching on Massachusetts and Connecticut in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains.  Copake has several lakes, the largest being the well known 345 acre Copake Lake. Skiing, boating, fishing and antiquing are some of the many pleasures enjoyed here and in the neighboring states.

This property has its own story. Built in the early 1900's, it began as Melius's Meat Market. The main structure of the building had a second level that was for storage and warehousing. Other businesses to follow were Bray's Soda Shop ( I spent much time in there during summer visits to Copake as a girl), The Independent Newspaper, The Carriage Trade Gift Shoppe and The Posy Peddler Flower Shoppe (both my ventures), and Finder's Keepers Consignment Shoppe.
Later the upper level (warehouse area) was converted into 2 apartments. At that time an addition to the left side of the stucture expanded the upper level and added another apartment to the lower level. At the rear of the building, also added later, is an attached cottage used as the owner's residence.

So when people asked, 'How old is the building? '  My immediate response is, 'Which room' !!     Adrienne Pateman, Owner :) 
                                Welcome to Copake, New York
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